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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-05-05Acquiring Technical Data with Renewable Real OptionsMichael McGrath; Christopher Prather
2016-05-05Acquiring Technical Data With Renewable Real OptionsMichael McGrath; Chris Prather
2009-04-28Acquisition Workforce: The Department of Defense (DoD) Can Improve Its Management and Oversight by Tracking Data on Contractor Personnel and Taking Additional ActionsJohn K. Needham
2016-11-14Allocating a Data Collection Budget To Support Test And Evaluation PlansDashi I. Singham
2017-03-30Analyzing the Effects of Source Selection Method, Acquisition Type, and Service Component on Acquisition OutcomesKaren A. F. Landale; Rene G. Rendon
2006-01-01Civilian Workforce Planning in the Department of Defense: Different Levels, Different RolesSusan M. Gates; Christine Eibner; Edward G. Keating
1995-04-05Contracting Out: Current IssuesUnited States Congress
2017-03-30Data Consolidation of Disparate Procurement Data Sources for Correlated Performance-Based Acquisition Decision SupportSamantha Nangia; Ryan Dickover; Thomas Wardwell; Randall Mora
2017-03-30Decision-Based Metrics for Test and Evaluation ExperimentsDashi Singham
2017-07-20Defense Acquisition Workforce Data Reporting Standards GuideUnder Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics Human Capital Initiatives
2008-01-23Defense Acquisitions: The Department of Defense's Increased Reliance on Service Contractors Exacerbates Long-standing ChallengesUnited States Government Accountability Office
2021-02-09Do Accelerated Payments for DoD Contractors Help Small Businesses?Jesse Cunha, Justin Marion
2019-01-16DoD Acquisition Reform Panel Looks to Sunset Clinger-CohenLauren C. Williams
2018-04-30Exploring the Department of Defense Software FactbookChristopher Miller; Forrest Shull; David Zubrow
2007-12-01Federal Acquisition - Oversight Plan Needed to Help Implement Acquisition Advisory Panel RecommendationsJohn P. Hutton
2016-10-01Governing for Results: A Transition and Management Agenda to Lead Policy Change in a New AdministrationTransitions in Governance
2016-01-01How to Make Better Predictions When You Do not Have Enough DataKira Radinsky; Yoni Acriche
2017-05-25Increasing Access to NSA's Industrial Base: Cybersecurity and Mid-Tier Companies, and North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS)Leslie Lewis
2015-01-01Issues with Access to Acquisition Data and Information in the Department of Defense: Policy and PracticeJessie Riposo; Megan McKernan; Jeffrey A. Drezner; Geoffrey McGovern; Daniel Tremblay; Jason Kumar; Jerry M. Sollinger
2019-11-14Making Time from Data: Toward Realistic Acquisition Schedule EstimatesCharles Pickar; Raymond Franck