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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-04-30Ship Maintenance Processes with Collaborative Product Lifecycle Management and 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanning Tools: Reducing Costs and Increasing ProductivityDavid Ford; Thomas Housel; Johnathan Mun
2019-05-13Technology Trust: The impact of trust metrics on the adoption of autonomous systems used in high risk applicationsMichael Anderson; Johnathan Mun
2010-05-13Advanced Capability Builds for Aegis: Stochastic Portfolio Optimization (Selection and Prioritization), Risk Simulation, KVA, and Strategic Real OptionsJohnathan Mun; Thomas Housel; Mark Wessman
2015-04-30Make or Buy: An Analysis of the Impacts of 3D Printing Operations, 3D Laser Scanning Technology, and Collaborative Product Life-Cycle Management on Ship Maintenance and Modernization Cost SavingsDavid Ford; Tom Housel; Sandra Hom; Johnathan Mun
2019-05-13Technology Trust: The Impact of Trust Metrics on the Adoption of Autonomous Systems Used in High-Risk ApplicationsMichael Anderson; Johnathan Mun
2016-05-05Measuring the Return on Investment and Real Option Value of Weather Sensor Bundles for Air Force Unmanned Aerial VehiclesThomas Housel; David Ford; Johnathan Mun; Sandra Hom; Richard Bergin; Erik Jansen; David M. Harris; Mathew Cornachio
2019-11-05A Comparative Analysis of Advanced Methodologies to Improve the Acquisition of Information Technology in the Department of Defense for Optimal Risk Mitigation and Decision Support Systems to Avoid Cost and Schedule OverrunsThomas Housel; Johnathan Mun; Raymond Jones; Maj. Ben Carlton
2019-09-10Technology Trust: The Impact of System Information on the Adoption of Autonomous Systems Used in High-Risk ApplicationsJohnathan Mun; Michael G. Anderson