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2019-01-15Section 809 Panel - Recommendation #91 - Require the Administrator of General Services and the Secretary of Defense to Maintain the Federal Acquisition Regulation and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement, Respectively, as Electronic Documents with References to the Related Statutes, Executive Orders, Regulations, and Policies, and with Hyperlinks to Federal Register NoticesSection 809 Panel
2019-01-15Section 809 Panel - Recommendation #36 - Transition from a Program-centric Execution Model to a Portfolio Execution ModelSection 809 Panel
2018-01-31Section 809 Panel - Recommendation #14 - Incentivize Contractor Compliance and Manage Risk Efficiently through Robust Risk AssessmentSection 809 Panel
2017-05-30Section 809 Panel - Recommendation #IR-2 - Increase Contract Time for Fuel Storage from 20 Years to 30 YearsSection 809 Panel
2019-01-15Section 809 Panel - Recommendation #48 - Increase to 50 percent the 'Lesser of 20 percent' Restriction that Creates Artificially Low Reprogramming Thresholds for Smaller ProgramsSection 809 Panel
2019-05-02Source Sections for Title 10 ReorganizationSection 809 Panel
2019-01-15Section 809 Panel - Recommendation #57 - Modify Fiscal Law to Extend the Duration of when Funds Cancel from 5 Years to 8 Years in Expired Status to Align Program Acquisitions with Funding Periods and Prevent Putting Current Funds at Risk and to Support Meeting Appropriation IntentSection 809 Panel
2019-01-15Section 809 Panel - Recommendation #90 - Reorganize Title 10 of the U.S. Code to Place All of the Acquisition Provisions in a Single Part, and Update and Move Acquisition-related Note Sections into the Reorganized Acquisition Part of Title 10Section 809 Panel