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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-09-05Evaluating Consolidation and the Threat of Monopolies within Industrial SectorsAndrew P. Hunter; Gregory Sanders; and Zach Huitink
2016-11-07Designing and Managing Successful International Joint Development ProgramsGregory Sanders; Samantha Cohen
2018-10-10Use of Incentives in Performance-Based Logistics ContractingGregory Sanders
2017-10-10Use of Incentives in Performance-Based Logistics ContractingGregory Sanders
2015-08-25Competition and Bidding Data as an Indicator of the Health of the U.S. Defense Industrial BaseAndrew Hunter; Gregory Sanders; Jesse Ellman; Samantha Cohen
2015-08-25Avoiding Terminations, Single Offer Competition, and Costly Changes with Fixed-Price ContractsAndrew Hunter; Gregory Sanders; Alexander Lobkovsky Meitiv; Rhys McCormick; Maura McQuade; Guy Nzeribe
2017-10-05Overseas Contingency Operations Contracts after Iraq: Enabling Financial Management Research and Transparency through Contract LabelingGregory Sanders
2019-09-10Measuring Service Contract Performance: Preliminary Findings on Effects of Service Complexity, Managerial Capacity, and Prior RelationshipGregory Sanders; Jonathan Roberts; Justin Graham; Lindsay McDonald; and Andrew Hunter
2012-12-31An Analysis of Department of Defense Services Contract Trends, 1990-2011David Berteau; Guy Ben-Ari; David Morrow; Jesse Ellman; Gregory Sanders; Luke Heselden
2018-03-12Measuring the Impact of Sequestration and the Drawdown on the Defense Industrial BaseGregory Sanders