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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-02-01The Evolving Private Military Sector: Toward a Framework for Effective DoD ContractingNicholas Dew; Ira Lewis
2017-03-30Improving Security in Software Acquisition with Data Retention SpecificationsDaniel Smullen; Travis Breaux
2009-09-30Transaction Costs from a Program Manager PerspectiveDiane Angelis; Raymond Franck; John Dillard; Francois Melese
2005-06-01Budgeting for National Defense Acquisition: Assessing System Linkage and the Impact of TransformationLawrence R. Jones; Jerry McCaffery; Kory L. Fierstine
2017-04-05A Systems Complexity-based Assessment of Risk in Acquisition and Development ProgramsRoshanak Rose Nilchiani; Antonio Pugliese
2010-09-17Improving Government Procurement: Lessons from the Coast Guard Deepwater ProgramTrevor Brown; David Van Slyke; Matthew Potoski
2008-09-01Exploring the Implications of Transaction Cost Economics on Joint and System-of-Systems ProgramsDiana Angelis; John Dillard; Raymond Franck; Francois Melese; Mary-Maureen Brown; Robert M. Flowe
2017-02-24Acquisition in a World of Joint Capabilities: Methods for Understanding Cross- Organizational Network PerformanceMary M. Brown; Zach Mohr
2006-09-01Changing Major Acquisition Organizations to Adopt the Best Loci of Knowledge, Responsibilities and Decision RightsMark Nissen; Frank Barrett
2016-11-08Improved Acquisition for System Sustainment: Resilience-Based Supplier Selection for Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul AcquisitionKash Barker; Jose Ramirez-Marquez