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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-08-30Investigating Advances in the Acquisition of Secure Systems Based on Open ArchitecturesWalt Scacchi; Thomas A. Alspaugh
2017-05-01Achieving Better Buying Power for Mobile Open Architecture Software Systems through Diverse Acquisition ScenariosWalt Scacchi; Thomas A. Alspaugh
2012-01-27Investigating Advances in the Acquisition of Secure Systems Based on Open Architecture, Open Source Software, and Software Product LinesWalt Scacchi; Thomas A. Alspaugh
2011-09-21Mathematical modeling to reduce the cost of complex system testing: Characterizing test coverage to assess and improve information returnKarl D. Pfeiffer; Valery A. Kanevsky; Thomas J. Housel
2017-12-08Cybersecure Modular Open Architecture Software Systems for Stimulating InnovationWalt Scacchi; Thomas A. Alspaugh
2010-03-01Investigating the Acquisition of Software Systems that Rely on Open Architecture and Open Source SoftwareWalt Scacchi; Thomas A. Alspaugh; Hazel Asuncion
2016-02-15Achieving Better Buying Power through Acquisition of Open Architecture Software Systems for Web and Mobile DevicesWalt Scacchi; Thomas A. Alspaugh
2009-09-30Requirements Framework for the Software Systems Safety Review Panel (SSSTRP)MAJ Joey Rivera; Luqi Luqi; Valdis Berzins
2009-09-30Driving Automated Open-Architecture Testing: An Operational Profile Model-development StrategyLuqi Luqi; Valdis Berzins; Paul Dailey
2013-01-07The Impact of Maintenance Free Operating Period Approach to Acquisition Approaches, System Sustainment, and CostsThomas J. Housel; Sandy Hom; Nickolas H. Guertin