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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-03-30Contract Source Selection: An Analysis of Lowest Price Technically Acceptable and Tradeoff StrategiesJamal Osman; LCDR; USN; David Hill; LT; USN; David Odom; LT; USN; Wesley Paulk; LT; USN
2017-03-30Multiple Award, Multiple Order Contracts - The Future of Navy Surface Maintenance ContractsMatthew Duncan; LT; USN; Richard Hartl; LCDR; USN
2017-03-30Contract Source Selection Strategies and Performance OutcomesJacob Baker; LCDR; USN; Justin DeVoe; LCDR; USN; Michael Bono; LCDR; USN
2017-03-30Lean Six Sigma Analysis of Shipboard Audit Readiness on a U.S. Navy DestroyerJonathon Lavery; LCDR; USN; Robert Spracklin; LCDR; USN
2017-03-30Using Additive Manufacturing to Mitigate the Risks of Limited Key Ship Components of the Zumwalt-Class DestroyerXiao Wang; LT; USN; James Whitworth; LCDR; USN
2017-03-30Auditability in the U.S. Navy: A Knowledge Assessment of the Contracting WorkforceJeremy Grennan; LCDR; USN; Michael McCrory; CPT; USA
2017-03-30Analysis of Source Selection StrategyKenneth Findley; LCDR; USN; Nathan Woodward; LT; USN; Jatan Bastola; LT; USN
2017-03-30An Analysis of Additive Manufacturing Production Problems and SolutionsBenjamin Muniz; LCDR; USN; Kevin Peters; LCDR; USN
2017-03-30Power Systems Modeling at Marine Corps Base Pendleton: A Business Case AnalysisJamis Seals; LCDR; USN
2017-03-30Innovative Defense Acquisition Concept Deployer Equipment Bundle (DEB)Fred Albesa; LCDR; USN; Isaac Ortman; LCDR; USN; Stephen Kirouac; CPT; USA