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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-04-01Facilitating Decision Making, Re-Use and Collaboration: A Knowledge Management Approach to Acquisition Program Self-AwarenessJohn Robey; Chris Odell
2009-06-01The Stryker Mobile Gun System: A Case Study on Managing ComplexityChristian Ayers
2009-12-28Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) of the Total Integrated Engine Revitalization (TIGER) Condition-Based Overhaul (CBO) Process for the M1 Abrams AGT 1500 Turbine Engine at the Army Depot Level of MaintenanceMichael Fitzgerald; Corey Davis; Woo Youl Lee
2009-12-09Understanding Market Segments and Competition in the Private Military IndustryKen Curtis; Paul Marko; John Parma
2009-06-01Analysis of Contract Management Processes at Fleet & Industrial Supply Centers (FISC) WorldwideRomeo Bautista; Carl Ward
2009-03-01Analysis of Maintenance Manpower Structures for Land-Based Naval Aircraft Using a Knowledge Value Added ApproachClinton Downing; Joshua MacMurdo
2009-09-01Facilitating Decision-Making, Re-Use and Collaboration: A Knowledge Management Approach to Acquisition Program Self-AwarenessDouglas Koch
2009-12-16Prediction Markets: A Review With an Experimentally Based Recommendation for Navy Force-Shaping ApplicationMichael Chinn; Leslie Huffman
2009-12-01Squadron Movements and Associated Transportation Problems: An Inner Look Into the ProcessBilly Kelley; Kenneth McGraw; Jeremy Clevenger
2009-12-01Integrating Electronic Reverse Auctions Into Defense Procurement: Exploratory Research on Opportunities, Issues, Processes, Risks and Cultural ImplicationsAdam Coyne; Michael Collins