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dc.contributor.authorTimothy Fitz-Gerald Jr.
dc.contributor.authorTerry D. Harper
dc.contributor.authorLance Koelkebeck
dc.identifier.citationPublished--Unlimited Distribution
dc.descriptionLogistics Management / Graduate Student Research
dc.description.abstractThe U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) area of responsibility (AOR) encompasses 31 countries and 15 areas of special sovereignty, and represents about one-sixth of the landmass of the world assigned to regional unified commands. To provide rapid and effective disaster relief in an area this large, a commander requires identification of available resources and effective coordination with those who can provide these resources. This research analyzes the capabilities of various in-theater nongovernmental organizations and the interactive efforts between them and the U.S. military. This project will provide guidance to decision-makers in the SOUTHCOM AOR to avoid redundancy in efforts and more effectively distribute essential resources during humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations.
dc.description.sponsorshipAcquisition Research Program
dc.languageEnglish (United States)
dc.publisherAcquisition Research Program
dc.relation.ispartofseriesHumanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR)
dc.subjectDisaster Relief
dc.subjectDisaster Preparedness
dc.subjectHumanitarian Assistance
dc.subjectNongovernmental Organizations
dc.titleBuilding a Capabilities Network to Improve Disaster Preparation Efforts in the Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) Area of Responsibility (AOR)
dc.typeTechnical Report
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