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dc.contributor.authorRandy William Maule-
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dc.descriptionAcquisition Management / NPS Faculty Research-
dc.description.abstractLegacy information infrastructure has proven insufficient for cybersecurity. The acquisition role may be expanded to support information assurance. A supply chain audit and assessment process within the acquisition department will better support emerging cybersecurity requirements. This project advances technical and workflow models, an assessment framework, and implementation methods to expand the acquisition role to include cybersecurity and information assurance across the systems lifecycle from initial requisition to maintenance and obsolescence. Analysis methods and model-based system engineering techniques successfully employed in naval and joint forces field research for nearly two decades, along with best practices from Silicon Valley high technology industries, were applied in the acquisition cybersecurity management framework. A shift of cybersecurity responsibilities from distributed units into central acquisition departments should significantly lessen the inter- and intra-organizational boundaries which have hindered cybersecurity.-
dc.description.sponsorshipAcquisition Research Program-
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dc.publisherAcquisition Research Program-
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dc.titleAcquisition Cybersecurity Management Framework-
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