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dc.contributor.authorSection 809 Panel
dc.identifier.citationUnlimited Distribution
dc.description.abstractFinancial and business system oversight of Department of Defense's (DoD) contractors often starts too late and takes too long. These delays cause problems for both contracting officers and defense contractors and reduce the utility of oversight findings. To be effective and efficient, DoD's system of internal controls must operate in a timely manner. Congress should establish basic statutory oversight time limits.
dc.description.sponsorshipUnited States Government
dc.languageEnglish (United States)
dc.publisherSection 809 Panel
dc.relation.ispartofseriesSimplified Acquisition
dc.subjectContracting Officers
dc.subjectDefense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA)
dc.subjectAudit Process
dc.subjectSection 809 Panel
dc.subjectSimplify Acquisition
dc.titleSection 809 Panel - Recommendation #8 - Establish Statutory Time Limits for Defense Oversight Activities
dc.title.alternativeSection 809 Panel - Recommendation #8
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