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dc.description.abstractAs part of its competency-based talent management strategy, which is outlined in The Guardian Ideal (U.S. Space Force [USSF], 2021), the U.S. Space Force (USSF) is identifying foundational and occupational competencies. Foundational competencies are those with which all Guardians will demonstrate some level of proficiency. Occupational competencies (one set for each of the four Space Force occupations—intelligence, operations, cyber, and acquisitions) will be used to code each position within the USSF and to guide Guardian professional development. This paper outlines the challenges associated with identifying a set of acquisition occupational competencies for the USSF by documenting the planning, execution, and results of the Acquisition Occupational Competency Study held in January 2022. It is hoped that by capturing the USSF experience, other acquisition competency-related efforts can be informed.en_US
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dc.titleSpace Force Acquisition Occupational Competenciesen_US
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