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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-05-16Fixed-Price Development Contracts: A Historical PerspectiveWilliam Lucyshyn; Jacques S. Gansler; Jiahaun Lu
2014-08-31HIMARS: A High Performance PBLJacques S. Gansler; William Lucyshyn
2014-04-30HIMARS: A High Performance PBL Case StudyJacques S. Gansler; William Lucyshyn
2011-05-01Impact of Continuous Competition on Operations and Support CostsJacques S. Gansler; William Lucyshyn; Christopher Vorhis
2012-10-29Implementing System-of-Systems GovernanceJacques S. Gansler; William Lucyshyn; John Rigilano
2014-03-04Improving the DoD's Tooth-to-Tail RatioJacques S. Gansler; William Lucyshyn
2015-09-22Independent Research and Development (IR&D): the Challenges ContinueJacques S. Gansler
2012-07-26IT Acquisition: Expediting the Process to Deliver Business Capabilities to the DoD EnterpriseJacques S. Gansler; William Lucyshyn
2008-03-01Lessons Learned from Outsourcing the Pearl Harbor MK-48 Intermediate Maintenance ActivityJacques S. Gansler; William Lucyshyn; Benigno Alarcon Deza
2005-05-01Logistics Transformation through Sense-and-Respond Logistics NetworkJacques S. Gansler; Kenneth A. Gabriel
2011-05-11Major Acquisition IssuesJacques S. Gansler
2005-05-01Market-based Government: The Results to DateJacques S. Gansler
2010-05-12National Security Acquisition ChallengesJacques S. Gansler
2011-02-01Performance-Based Services AcquisitionJacques S. Gansler; William Lucyshyn; Christopher Vorhis
2013-07-29Rethinking Import and Export Controls for Defense-Related GoodsJacques S. Gansler; William Lucyshyn
2014-07-29Rethinking the Lease vs. Buy DecisionJacques S. Gansler; William Lucyshyn; John Rigilano
2014-05-15Rethinking the Lease vs. Buy DecisionJacques S. Gansler; William Lucyshyn
2000-10-01The Acquisition 2005 Task Force Final Report: Shaping the Civilian Acquisition Workforce for the FutureBernard Rostker; Jacques S. Gansler
2013-09-30The DoD's Use of Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) Price SelectionJacques S. Gansler; William Lucyshyn
2010-07-01The Effect of the Nunn-McCurdy Amendment on Unit Cost Growth of Defense Acquisition ProjectsJacques S. Gansler; William Lucyshyn; Adam Spiers