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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-06-01An Argument for the Repeal of the Davis-Bacon ActChristine Tracey
2014-01-01Application of the Davis-Bacon Act in the 21st Century: A Union Lawyer's PerspectiveUnited Stated Government
2011-04-14Davis-Bacon Act: Methodological Expertise Critical for Improving Survey QualityAndrew Sherrill
2007-11-13Davis-Bacon: The Act and the LiteratureWilliam G. Whittaker
2005-02-09Federal Contract Labor Standards Statutes: An OverviewWilliam G. Whittaker
2003-09-18"Look Who's Bringing Home the Bacon:" How Recent Decisions Interpreting the Davis-Bacon Act Can Negatively Affect the SuretyMichael A. Stover; Susan Getz Kerbel
1995-02-01Losing Ground: Lessons from the Repeal of Nine "Little Davis-Bacon" ActsPeter Philips; Garth Mangum; Norm Waitzman; Anne Yeagle
1983-07-01Modifying the Davis-Bacon Act: Implications for the Labor Market and the Federal BudgetSteven H. Sheingold
2003-10-01Prevailing Wage Laws: Public Interest or Special Interest Legislation?George C. Leef
2008-12-01Prevailing Wisdom: The Potential Impact of Prevailing Wages on Affordable HousingElizabeth A. Roistacher; Jerilyn Perine; Harold Shultz
2010-05-01Recovery Act: States and Localities Uses of Funds and Actions Needed to Address Implementation Challenges and Bolster AccountabilityUnited States Government Accountability Office
1995-05-12Repeal of the Davis-Bacon ActUnited States Congress
1979-04-27The Davis-Bacon Act Should Be RepealedComptroller General of the United States
2007-11-30The Davis-Bacon Act: Institutional Evolution and Public PolicyWilliam G. Whittaker
2016-09-19The Wage Differential Method: Promising Construction Costs Savingswith the Repeal or Weakening of Prevailing Wage Laws that Cannot be DeliveredKevin Duncan