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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-12-06Wall Street and the Pentagon: U.S. Defense Industry's Access to Capital Markets, 1990-2010David Berteau; Guy Ben-Ari; Roy Levy; Ryan Crotty; Cornelia Moore
2019-04-30War Of the Acquisition Reformers: 809 Panel Defends New Commercial ApproachDavid Drabkin; Sam Kidd
2024-03-29Wargaming the Impact of External Risks to the Fuel Supply ChainChristopher Thier
2024-06-21A Wave of Innovation: Assessing Additive Manufacturing as a Strategic Initiative for the Brazilian Navy's Defense LogisticsDiego do Nascimento da Silva
2013-05-17Wave Release Strategies to Improve Service in Order Fulfillment SystemsKevin R. Gue; Erdem Çeven
2013-04-30Wave Release Strategies to Improve Service in Order Fulfillment SystemsErdem Ceven; Kevin Gue
1989-09-21Ways to Reduce the Reprogramming Notification Burden and Improve Congressional OversightNational Security and International Affairs Division
2022-03-01We don't need no Education: Effects of Degree Masking on Air Force Officer Promotion OutcomesKatharine Albright
2016-05-05Weapon Acquisition Program Outcomes and Efforts to Reform DOD's Acquisition ProcessMichael Sullivan
2023-10-24Weapon System Sustainment, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and Effective Industry Logistics PracticesJames Perez
2018-09-10Weapon System Sustainment: Selected Air Force and Navy Aircraft Generally Have Not Met Availability Goals, and DOD and Navy Guidance Need to Be ClarifiedZina D. Merritt
2009-05-22Weapon Systems Acquisition Reform Act of 2009111th United States Congress
2023-05-01Weapon Systems Acquisition: Progress and Challenges on GAO's High Risk ListAnne McDonough
2018-04-30Weapon Systems Annual Assessment Knowledge Gaps Pose Risk to Sustaining Recent Positive Trends (GAO-18-360SP)Chris Durbin; J. Andrew Walker
2019-05-13Weapon Systems Annual AssessmentLimited Use of Knowledge-based Practices Continues to Undercut DOD's Investments(GAO-19-336SP)Chris Durbin
1982-03-01Weapons Acquisition Policy and Procedures: Curbing Cost GrowthSpecial Panel on Defense Procurement Procedures of the Committee on Armed Services, House of Representatives
2013-04-30Weapons Acquisition Reform: Reform Act Is Helping DoD Acquisition Programs Reduce Risk, but Implementation Challenges RemainMichael J. Sullivan
2014-05-14Weapons System Acquisition Reform Act (WSARA) Implementation And Cost AnalysisAustin J. Banford; Daniel K. Weidman
2008-04-01Welcome & Keynote AddressSue Payton
2016-01-01WESTLAW search on "commercial item"WESTLAW