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Title: Analysis of Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) Implementation in Navy Acquisition Programs
Authors: Rene Rendon
Keywords: Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA)
Naval Enterprise Open Architecture Assessment Tool (OAAT)
Issue Date: 1-Apr-2007
Publisher: Acquisition Research Program
Citation: Published--Unlimited Distribution
Series/Report no.: Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA)
Abstract: This research continues the exploration of the use of the modular open systems approach (MOSA) as a method for implementing an evolutionary acquisition strategy in Department of Defense (DoD) programs. The background on the initial DoD and Navy policy on using a MOSA approach in defense acquisition is presented, followed by a review of the initial research findings. A discussion is then provided on the Navy's method for assessing its implementation of a MOSA approach in its acquisition programs. This discussion will focus on the use of the Naval Enterprise Open Architecture Assessment Tool (OAAT). The primary purpose of this continuing research is to provide an analysis of the results of the OAAT assessment of Navy acquisition programs.
Description: Acquisition Management / NPS Faculty Research
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