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Title: Identification and Characterization of Data for Acquisition Category (ACAT) II IV Programs
Authors: Megan McKernan
Jeffrey A. Drezner
Keywords: Acquisition Data
Acquisition Category ACAT
Defense Business Systems
Data Governance
Issue Date: 13-May-2019
Publisher: Acquisition Research Program
Citation: Published--Unlimited Distribution
Series/Report no.: Acquisition Management
Abstract: Acquisition data lay the foundation for decision-making, management, insight, and oversight of the Department of Defens's (DoD's) acquisition program portfolio. A large amount of information based on statutory and regulatory reporting requirements and used for program execution, oversight, insight, and analysis is collected on the higher cost major defense acquisition programs (MDAPs; referred to as Acquisition Category [ACAT] I programs). However, the DoD also makes additional smaller investments that are categorized as ACAT II IV acquisition programs, pre-MDAPs, and Defense Business Systems, and the current program data environment features varying definitions, policy, collection methods, and use cases across the DoD. RAND researchers documented the DoD status quo for identifying, collecting, and storing acquisition data from different programs, performed an initial gap analysis, and developed recommendations that build on what the OSD and Service acquisition information managers have accomplished to date and that move the DoD toward a common framework for data governance and management.
Description: Acquisition Management / Defense Acquisition Community Contributor
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