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Title: Cold Chain Logistics: A Study of the Department of the Defense OCONUS Pre-Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Distribution Network
Authors: Daniel Travis Jones
Christopher Craig Tecmire
Keywords: Pandemic Influenza
Cold-Chain Logistics
National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza
Joint Logistics
Avian Flu
Distribution Strategy
Issue Date: 1-Oct-2007
Publisher: Acquisition Research Program
Citation: Published--Unlimited Distribution
Series/Report no.: Process Improvement
Abstract: The purpose of this MBA project is to suggest a standardized distribution process for the DoD of the Pandemic Influenza vaccine, filling an existing void in the National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza. Also, this project is intended to foster the communication and planning process for vaccine distribution between all stakeholders, including the DLA, COCOMs, and regional commanders. Currently, no DoD pre-pandemic vaccine distribution plan exists. This project identifies the essential infrastructure assets needed to develop a cold-chain distribution network for vaccine in a military application. Furthermore, the key communication and transportation elements needed for successful execution of this network are identified, including a discussion on information and vaccine flow through the distribution network. These ideas are organized into a model to provide an easily usable decision-making tool for cold-chain network design. Finally, an example using the model is provided, with PACOM as the example area of operation.
Description: Acquisition Logistics / Graduate Student Research
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