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Title: Structuring Naval Special Warfare Junior Officer Professional Military Education
Authors: Thomas Donovan
Keywords: Naval Special Warfare
Professional Military Education
Junior Officer Professional Development
Issue Date: 1-Nov-2007
Publisher: Acquisition Research Program
Citation: Published--Unlimited Distribution
Series/Report no.: Education
Abstract: Naval Special Warfare does not currently have a designated career path for an officer that requires professional military education (PME) for SEAL junior officers after the rank of Ensign (O-1) and before the rank of Lieutenant Commander (O-4). There currently is interest in this subject matter at the Naval Special Warfare Command and Center. SEAL officers increasingly hold key leadership positions and influence critical decisions in the execution of national strategy. This growing responsibility calls for a progressive and sequential education program to prepare junior officers for battle, staff, and command. Additionally, the Naval Special Warfare Officer corps will continue to grow in the coming years, adding more junior officers to the community. SEAL junior officers would benefit from structured PME throughout their careers. Through research analysis and a survey of Naval Special Warfare officers this thesis attempts to determine what education is critical for a SEAL junior officer. Additionally, this thesis attempts to determine the most efficient way to address education shortfalls and the frequency in which education should be experienced. Finally, the Naval Special Warfare junior officer community will benefit from education opportunities inserted into the officer career path to address nineteen specific subjects indicated in this research.
Description: Human Resources / Graduate Student Research
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