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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-05-01Acquiring Maintainable AI-Enabled SystemsMAJ Iain Cruickshank, MAJ Shane Kohtz
2012-12-04An Analysis of Aviation Maintenance Operations and Supporting Costs, and Cost Capturing SystemsAlejandro Palomino; Jesse Cameron Epp
2014-05-14Analysis of EA-18G Growler Engine Maintenance at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, WABrian Story; Zulfiqar Khan; Edward Hood
2010-07-01Analysis of Unmanned Systems in Military LogisticsBernard Calamug; James Trout
2013-11-22Army Aviation Equipment Useful Life Cost Benefit AnalysisPatrick Baker; Bryan Riddle; Jeremy Scott
2021-05-10Blockchain Mergence for Distributed Ledgers Supporting Fleet Logistics and MaintenanceBritta Hale, Don Brutzman; Terry Norbraten, Jonathan Culbert
2020-03-30Budget Forecasting for U.S. Marine Corps Corrective Maintenance CostsEddine Dahel
2012-08-18Business Models for Cost Sharing & Capability SustainmentMichael Pryce
2014-05-14Contracting With the Enemy: The Contracting Officer's DilemmaAndrew M. Scruggs; Ryan P. Welch
2013-08-30Cost Reduction Through the Use of Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) and Collaborative Product Lifecycle Management Technologies to Enhance the Navy's Maintenance ProgramsMichael E. Kenney
2011-11-19Costing Complex Products, Operations & SupportMichael Pryce
2021-05-19A Governance Model and Safety Management System Framework for Industrial Fire Safety During Naval Ship Maintenance AvailabilitiesCheryl Marek; Joseph Bradley; John McGowan; Qingbin Cui
2014-07-18Implications of Using Computer-Based Training on System Readiness and Operating & Support CostsDiana Angelis; Robert M. McNab; William A. Gibson
2017-05-23Improved Acquisition for System Sustainment: Multi-sourcing Resilient Supplier Selection Under Stochastic DisruptionsKash Barker; Jose E. Ramirez-Marquez
2013-10-21Improved Acquisition for System Sustainment: Multiobjective Tradeoff Analysis for Condition-Based Decision-MakingKash Barker
2016-11-08Improved Acquisition for System Sustainment: Resilience-Based Supplier Selection for Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul AcquisitionKash Barker; Jose Ramirez-Marquez
2013-04-30Improving Multi-Component Maintenance Acquisition with a Greedy Heuristic Local AlgorithmSifat Kalam; Kash Barker; Jose Emmanuael Ramirez-Marquez
2018-01-01Restoring Material Readiness For A More Lethal ForceDepartment of Defense
2018-09-10Weapon System Sustainment: Selected Air Force and Navy Aircraft Generally Have Not Met Availability Goals, and DOD and Navy Guidance Need to Be ClarifiedZina D. Merritt