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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-11-09Qualification Requirement Perceptions of the United States Army Acquisition Workforce Since Implementation of the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA)Michael D. Kaul; Brent J. Wilson
2024-05-01Qualitative Data Analysis of PPBE Reform Recommendations in the Open LiteratureDoug Buettner, Michael McGrath; J. Matthew Mercado, Hoong Yan See Tao; Victoria Cuff
2021-12-15Qualitative Investigation of 4PL Value Offerings to the USCG and USMCKenneth Au; Annalee Blake
2024-01-12A Qualitative Study of the Impact of Social Stressors from March 2020 to March 2021 on Naval Forces and Commanders' Reactions to StressorsWesley Norton
2018-04-30Quantifying Annual Affordability Risk of Major Defense ProgramsDavid M. Tate; Thomas J. Coonce; Michael R. Guggisberg
2018-04-30Quantifying Annual Affordability Risk ofMajor Defense ProgramsDavid M. Tate
2021-05-10Quantifying Systemic Risk and Fragility in the U.S. Defense Industrial BaseJohn Ullrich, John Kamp
2021-05-19Quantifying Systemic Risk and Fragility in the U.S. Defense Industrial BaseJohn Ullrich; John Kamp
2019-05-13Quantifying the Year-by-Year Cost Uncertainty of Major Defense ProgramsDavid M. Tate; Michael R. Guggisberg
2019-05-13Quantifying the Year-by-Year Cost Uncertainty of Major Defense ProgramsDavid Tate; Michael Guggisberg
2013-04-30Quantifying Uncertainty for Early Life Cycle Cost EstimatesJim McCurley; Robert Ferguson; Dennis Goldenson; Robert Stoddard; David Zubrow
2024-05-01A Quantitative Analysis of the Relationship Between DoD Contractors’ Financial Health and Their Merger and Acquisitions Spending Using Panel Data RegressionCorey D. Mack, Clay M. Koschnick; Michael J. Brown, Jonathan D. Ritschel; Brandon M. Lucas
2014-03-04Quantitative and Qualitative Hiring Freeze Outcomes at the U.S. Army Mission and Installation Contracting CommandJacqueline Evans; Ezra Hatch
2018-04-30Quantitative Augmentation via Neuro-evolutionary Technologies toward Ubiquitous Modeling (QuANTUM)Major D. M. Smalenberger
2024-01-12Quantity for the Quality: How the Selective Retention Bonus Impacts the Retention of Talent in the Marine CorpsRobert Runnells III
2014-04-30Quarrelsome Committees in U.S. Defense Acquisition: The KC-X CaseRaymond Franck; Bernard Udis
2014-05-15Quarrelsome Committees in US Defense Acquisition: the KC-X CaseRaymond Franck; Bernard Udis
2007-06-01Questioning the Sacred Cow: Reexamining the Justifications for Small Business Set AsidesAndrew George Sakallari
2017-05-11Questions for the Record on "Reviewing Challenges in Federal IT Acquisition" for the Subcommittee on Information Technology and Subcommittee on Government Operations of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, United States House of RepresentativesWill Hurd; Mark Meadows
2010-04-30Queues in AcquisitionWilliam Wiltschko