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Title: Marine Corps Officer Talent Management for the 21st Century
Authors: Angel Maldonado
Aaron Viana
Renato Costa
Keywords: USMC
Ground Supply Officer
Officer Professional Military Education (OPME)
Education Continuum
Career Path
Focused Career Path
Domain Expert
Talent Management
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2018
Publisher: Acquisition Research Program
Citation: Published--Unlimited Distribution
Series/Report no.: Manpower Planning
Abstract: Marine Corps unrestricted officers are required to follow a pre-determined career roadmap that makes them more competitive for promotion and O-5 level command. The purpose of this thesis project was to research the post-entry level education system for unrestricted officers. The project aimed at determining if a more focused career path is both attainable and beneficial to the Marine Corps and what would this model look like. The research utilized unrestricted ground supply officers as the test subjects. The sample population was composed of officers O-2 through O-6. Additionally, this thesis project undertook a multi-step approach with specific emphasis on the following data to obtain a decision point: current educational career progression system, survey analysis and promotion data for colonels with ground supply officer background. This thesis project's survey identified that 62% of the ground supply officer would choose to become a domain expert rather than following the current command career path, while the same sample indicated highly in a Likert scale the need for post-entry level education. The result indicated that some communities in the Marine Corps already follow a domain expert career path similar to the one proposed. This thesis project recommended that each occupational community in the Marine Corps look at the proposed career path model and shape it to fit the needs for domain expertise.
Description: Human Resource / Graduate Student Research
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