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Title: Joint Contingency Contracting
Authors: Ellsworth Johnson
Bryan Paton
Edward Threat
Lisa Haptonstall
Keywords: Contingency Contracting Officers (CCO)
Joint Contingency
Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA)
Yoder Three-Tier Model
Joint Contingency Contracting Command (JCCC)
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2005
Publisher: Acquisition Research Program
Citation: Published--Unlimited Distribution
Series/Report no.: Contingency Contracting
Abstract: The purpose of this Master Business Administration (MBA) Professional Report is to investigate and analyze the means by which Contingency Contracting Officers (CCO) can effectively operate in a Joint contingency environment and to validate the Defense Contract Management Agency's (DCMA) entry and exit criteria for contingency contracting missions. Joint contingencies encompass regional conflicts, humanitarian and peacekeeping missions, and international or domestic disaster relief missions supported with the immediate deployment of military forces. This research was accomplished by reviewing the current guidance, policies, and doctrine pertinent to contingency contracting operations and conducting personal interviews. The researchers conducted interviews with representatives of the Joint Staff, J4 (Logistics), each Service Component's acquisition headquarters, U.S. Central Command's J4 (Logistics), U.S. Pacific Command's J4 (Logistics, Engineering, and Security Assistance), and the DCMA to explore how contingency contracting operations are planned and executed; current issues and lessons learned; and understand the current structure/organization of Service Component and Combatant Command for accomplishing contingency contracting. Conclusions and recommendations address perceived shortfalls in the methodologies the Services use to plan, communicate, integrate and execute contingency contracting operations. Three possible solutions to these shortfalls include adoption of the Yoder Three-Tier Model, establishment of the Joint Contingency Contracting Command (JCCC), and the creation of universal language for conducting contracting in contingencies.
Description: Contract Management / NPS Faculty Research
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