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Title: Total Ownership With Lifecycle Cost Model Under Uncertainty
Authors: Johnathan Mun
Eliah Ledbetter
Katelyn George
Keywords: Lifecycle Cost Model
Total Ownership Cost
Surface EO/IR Sensors
Defense Systems
Issue Date: 19-Oct-2020
Publisher: Acquisition Research Program
Citation: Published--Unlimited Distribution
Series/Report no.: Total Ownership Cost (TOC);NPS-AM-21-001
Abstract: In this research, we look at answering the following primary question: Would an advanced analytical model be a more effective metric to estimate total ownership cost (TOC) with life-cycle cost under uncertainty and risk than the current method of life-cycle cost estimates for Surface EO/IR Sensors? To accomplish this, the research developed and analyzed a computational model for Total Ownership with Life-Cycle Cost Model Under Uncertainty for Surface Electro-Optical Infrared Sensors. During the development of the model, we identified the required data and examined the current Department of Defense (DoD) method for determining system life-cycle costs for defense systems and determined that the proposed model is a useful alternative to the current method of determining the life-cycle costs for EO/IR Sensors on surface ships. Finally, we concluded that the developed model can be applied to cost estimating in other sectors of DoD cost projections.
Description: Acquisition Management / NPS Faculty Research
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