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Title: A Comparative Analysis of Naval Surface Forces Atlantic and Pacific Combat Systems Departments
Authors: William Colmenares, Spencer Witlz
Keywords: Student Poster
Issue Date: 5-Jun-2023
Publisher: Acquisition Research Program
Series/Report no.: Acquisition Management;SYM-AM-23-179
Abstract: Commander, Naval Surface Forces is divided into two distinct type commanders, Commander, Naval Surface Force Atlantic, and Commander, Naval Surface Force Pacific. They are charged with supervising all United States Navy surface ship activities. both commands serve the same purpose and use the same instructions for guidance, however their structure and execution of processes are not aligned. Using the organizational congruence model (Nadler & Tushman, 1980), we compared both command approaches, and their manning, in attempt to determine which command is more effective at ensuring ship readiness for deployment and combat, with an emphasis on Combat Systems.
Description: SYM Student Poster
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